Sunday, September 28, 2008

We woke up this morning to find that yet ANOTHER tire on our van went flat. This makes 3 in the last few months. So I guess I'll be going in and getting another new tire put on. Ugh.

Did anyone follow the Presidential Debates? I watched and I have to say that both candidates did the same IMO and really they both irritate me. I was pointed to and it's nice because they give you the facts whereas both candidates tend to well, lie. Check it out, it's very informative!

And I stayed home with Emeric this morning because I'm not feeling great and I got some pictures of him. See if you can guess what's going on here...

And some other cute pictures just because! :)


ben and erin said...

i multi-tasked during the debates so that i wouldn't have to pay as much attention to them. i really don't like any aspect of politics but am trying to be a little educated about it! i have checked out before. it's so nice because it's hard to discern what is actually true when it comes to politics.
i have no idea what emeric is doing.... but i love the look on his face in the picture where he's standing holding the phone (or whatever it is). he's so cute. i hope you enjoyed your morning with him and hope you're feeling better!

Annika said...

Adorable pictures. Is Emeric doing yoga? Thanks for the link to I will be checking that out.

Nicole said...

Haha, he was throwing a fit because I wouldn't let him have the phone. And so of course he found it and figured he won.

Jessica said...

I totally forgot the debates were Friday! I was busy... I need to download them. Thanks for the reminder! I will also have to check out that site... Every election I try to not care, but I always end up caring. This year, I care more than I have before. Not only do I really prefer one candidate, I really DON'T prefer (am actually scared of) the other. I think we are at a huge crossroads... anyway, I will stop with my political thoughts on your blog... I have my own blog for that haha =)

My guess (before I read any other
comments) is Emeric was doing a summersault (is that spelled correctly?).

ben and erin said...

ahhh... ryan has a fit when he can't have the phone either!

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