Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not skip church because I have a cold and then repaint and redecorate my entire bathroom instead. (Pictures to come)

I did not buy my 2 year old a pacifier to chew on in hopes that it might help him stop drooling.

I did not let my kids go four days without a bath.

I did not try really hard to convince my 5 year old to cut her hair a certain way because really I always wanted my hair cut that way and mine's too curly to do anything with.

I did not turn on Sesame street after only 10 minutes of school so I could write this post.


As promised, the pictures of my bathroom... I don't have any before pictures but it was never painted and I had purple decor. I still have a picture I want to get for the one wall, a clock, and another rug. I also really don't like the shower curtain so I might look for a different one but for now I'm just glad it's painted! I was worried about the brown. I didn't want to it be bowel movementish looking but I think it turned out well! ;)


Jessica said...

Bathroom looks good! Definitely NOT "bowel-movementish" looking!

My favorite "not me" was the one where you tried to talk Kylie into cutting her hair a certain way. I remember you were always so frustrated with your curly hair. I remember a sticker you had on your mirror that said, "How can I control my life when I can't even control my hair." haha =)

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

The bathroom looks great!

ben and erin said...

i NEVER let my kids go that long without a bath...haha!! if only that WERE true........! :-)
i like the bathroom color. it looks great!

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