Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recent ponderings...

We had Bible study this morning and the lesson was on living a life of balance. Seeing as how my life is completely balanced already and I'm 100% efficient in juggling each and every task brought my way I got absolutely nothing from the study.

Don't you just hate sarcastic people?

Actually, it was nice to meet some new women and in our lesson we were talking about balancing day to day things and how worry keeps us from living a life of balance. I happened to stumble upon a verse that I hadn't really noticed before and since I've been struggling alot lately wondering why God allows so much suffering it made me stop and think. With the death of my friend's little girl and the deaths of many children whose parents I've gotten to know online in the last year I often fail to see the purpose. I know there's a purpose but God doesn't always reveal it to us. But, then I came upon this verse:

Romans 8:17:
And since we are His children, we will share His treasures-- for everything God gives to his Son, Christ, is ours, too. But if we are to share His glory, we must also share His suffering.

We must also share His suffering.

As Christians don't we tend to assume that if God loves us we'll just cruise along easily in life without any struggles?

The thing is though, we rely on people to meet our needs. Our friends, family, a doctor, etc. These people all meet our needs in some way or another. In order to rely on God we have to need him. So, it's when I'm suffering that I need peace. It's when I'm suffering that I need comfort, strength, hope. I don't need peace, comfort, strength, or hope if I'm always doing well. If my needs are always met and I'm happy and everything is going well I don't need these things. At least not nearly as much as I do when I'm hurting.

God allows us to suffer to teach us to rely on him. Seems like such a simple thing to say!

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the matter! Or don't stay tuned, I don't claim to be a preacher! LOL


ben and erin said...

i read this post last night and had to think on it a while before i commented... thanks for sharing it. those are really good thoughts. i know i do the same thing. it seems my walk always gets closer to God when i'm hurting, or there's a trial in my life, etc. how sad is it that when life seems fine and dandy we tend to not need God as much.
i think of my own kids... when they're hurting or need something that's when they need me more. but even when they don't need me they still want to be near me or do something with me. and that's how we should be with God, but too often that's easier said than done.
thanks for the good reminder. i look forward to hearing more thoughts.

Annika said...

Oh, what great words! You wrote them beautifully! I don't know that I have ever really thought about that verse before. It really makes me stop and think. What Bible Study Book are you using? I am looking for a new book to work through. Thank you for sharing your thought. Annika

Nicole said...

We're going through a Women of Faith series called "Living a Life of Balance".

We just started it but it seems good so far. Simple though.

Last year we studied Daniel through Beth Moore and it was amazing. I really, really recommend her to anyone!

In fact, my friends probably get tired of my recommendations of her! LOL

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