Monday, September 1, 2008

Poor Kylie...

She wouldn't go to sleep tonight, kept coming out of her room and was crying. I asked her why she was crying but she just kept saying, "because". Is this really engrained into women from this young of an age? To answer "because" when they know darn good and well the reason they're crying!!! I still do this! LOL

It turns out she doesn't want to start school. I did NOT expect this being that we're homeschooling! She's been excited about school for so long but like someone said, the fear of the unknown is strong! I told her that it wouldn't really be much different than any other day and that we'd have lots of fun things to do.

Man I'm glad she isn't going to public school. I don't know who'd be more of a mess, me or her!!


ben and erin said...

awww.... poor girl! i'm sure once you guys start she'll love it! are you starting today? good luck and hope everthing goes well for you!

lol... i still do the "because" thing too!

Jessica said...

Yeah, why DO we expect people to just guess why we are upset. I never expect guys to understand girls, because I don't think girls even understand girls haha

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