Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday

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This will be my first edition of "Not Me Monday". (
I did not smell my shirt before I put it on this morning.

I did not drive a friend's 4-wheeler with the front wheel titled sideways and off the axle.
I did not pick a piece of a rice cake off Emeric's shirt and eat it.
I did not scratch my spot of Poison Ivy and then touch another spot on my leg to see if it would really spread.
I did not step on a Cheerios to grind it into the carpet so I couldn't see it anymore.
I did not wash a matchbox car with at least 4 loads of laundry because I was too lazy to take it out.


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness...that Poison Ivy comment has me cracking up! I need to think of MY "not me's" to post on my blog!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


Tabi said...

omg you will have to update us on the poison ivy thing!! Did it spread or not! That is too funny and I am with you on the carpet thing!!

Jennifer said...

The cheerio thing made me laugh--too funny!

Anonymous said...

Seriously! Laughed out loud at yours. The poison ivy!? And eating a rice cake....

Thanks for playing along!!

A Look Into Our Lives said...

Thanks for reading my Not Me list! Yours was actually the first one I read (well, after my sister's of course!)
I am glad to hear I am not the only mom who enjoys a couple (quiet) sick days in their child/ren every once in a while! :)
Oh, did your poison ivy spread??


Danielle in MO said...

let me know about the poison ivy -- my son is highly contagious - so we can't play I never with him - but I would love to know if it is true!

Robin said...

Oh, too funny! So. Did it spread? Well? Now I have to know!

The rice cake thing...I totally can NOT relate! And now I will think of you whenever I see Cheerios on the floor!


ben and erin said...

those are so funny nicole. i too love the poison ivy one!

EC said...

Ooh I have never eaten food of my child's shirt either..

Weeksie50 said...

Did it spread?

These post are to fun..
I did it too.

citymomcountrymom said...

Enjoyed dropping in on your blog from MckMama's blog. Hope to be a regular "Not Me! Monday" contributor!
Country Mom

Elizabeth said...

OH! I love the Cheerios comment!! Love it!

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