Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eat, drink and be merry!

It's getting closer to October and I'm getting nervous. If you didn't see my post a few days ago I'm planning on buying nothing in the month of October. As the month quickly approaches I'm finding it hard not to stock up on necessities. Like Coke in a can for instance. It isn't feasible to have a caffeine headache for the entire month if I'm out of Coke is it? Which is why it was obviously an answer to prayer that they had an awesome deal at the grocery store today on pop! And on Jones soda no less! I drank Jones soda in college but that was back when I had no responsibilites and all my hard earned Taco Johns money could go towards spending the extra money on it. But, today they had 12 packs for $2.00!! That's a way better deal than regular Coke and without the HFCS! :)

*I have rotated this picture numerous times and it will not rotate!!!

I was also blessed by a neighbor this morning with these:

Straight from Washington.

They were out in Washington and brought home a ton of fruit and apparently couldn't use these up so she called and asked if I'd like them! Why yes I would! So, does anyone have any ideas on what I could do with all the apples other than apple pie or applesauce? I don't know that I want to make applesauce with them. I thought about making apple butter though. I'm going to can the peaches. If I don't eat them all first.

I could use lots of ideas! Just in case we end up living off peaches, apples, and Jones soda all month.


ben and erin said...

yum those look good! i was gonna suggest apple butter, but then saw that you were thinking about that.
i've never made anything with peaches, so i googled it. :-)
this website has recipes for peach pancakes, peach bread, and peach pickles (among other things!).

also i bet a peach smoothie would taste delicious!!

Nicole said...

Yum, those sound good Erin!

I guess it's pretty easy to can them so I think I'll do that. My SIL's mom has a really sweet machine where you just throw everything(core and all) into a machine and it basically comes out like applesauce so I'm going to use that and do applesauce and maybe an apple pie or two! :)

Chare said...

apples freeze really well, so if you don't want to make something with them now...peel them, and core them, slice em up and throw them in a freezer bag for another day!

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