Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Belated 4th of July!

For the 4th of July every year we usually end up going to Park Rapids to watch the fireworks. It's about a 45 minute drive but well worth it if you live in a huge tourist trap during the summer and particularly on 4th of July. Detroit Lakes was rated #7 of Playboy magazine's Top 10 Best Places to celebrate the 4th of July. Just where you wanna be then right?

There was a parade at 3:00 so we went to that and it wasn't too bad. We were close to the end so most of the floats were out of candy. The girls didn't get too much but that was fine by me. Emeric ate tootsie rolls most of the time and enjoyed most of the parade except for the fire trucks. He didn't like the noise and shook when they blew their loud horns!

After the parade we went out for pizza with some friends and then over to the rodeo. We haven't been to a rodeo in years and the kids never have. Kylie enjoyed it I think but kept asking why we went to the "radio" instead of swimming. Of course my camera needed batteries AS USUAL(You'd think I'd learn one of these times!) so I didn't get any pictures. We ended up running into my aunt and uncle which was fun, we haven't seen them in a long time.

After the rodeo it took us forever to get out because there was so much traffic and cars were creeping up as close as possible to try to get in. My friend Erika was behind us and I could see this guy trying to get in between us and her so I called her on her cell phone and told her "DON'T LET HIM IN!" LOL I'm mean that way. It was a fruitless effort because Erika insisted that her tires were spinning in the grass and the guy snuck in front of her anyway! ;)

The fireworks were good and Kaydence exclaimed with each and every one, "Ohhhh that one was beautiful!" or "Ohhhh I like that one!". She was quite the commentator!

We ended up home about midnight and the kids thankfully stayed asleep.

One of these days soon enough I have some pictures from a while back that I'll post of the kids. Not tonight though, I'm too tired!


Jessica said...

That is funny about your camera! I did the same thing. I took like, one picture, and then my battery died! Lame.

Yeah, John Piper's church is great. I have only gone once but I loved it so much! I should be around August 4th; I have no plans so if you want, I can just plan on meeting up with you. I work until 330ish so will that be ok? If it's too late, I can try and see if I can come in before my normal start time (which is 7am). Just let me know! It would be really fun to see you! And meet Emeric - will the girls be with you, too? I have only met Kylie so it would be awesome to meet everyone - if not, that's fine, another time =)

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