Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This weather is so depressing. It has been overcast for two weeks! The kids are itching to get outside and I'm itching to kick them out! We did get out for a couple hours tonight and went for a walk and I was able to get my garden weeded. Everything is coming in and Kylie got a hoe for her birthday so she helped yesterday. Kaydence helped by repeatedly stepping on the corn. :)

Kylie had her birthday party on Sunday and had fun. It was nice for a change and Jake's parents have a blow up waterslide that we set up and the kids had a lot of fun on that! We got Kylie a new, bigger bike. I told her she now has to learn to ride without training wheels! I was 8 before I learned. Ha ha.

Jake also made a trip to the Emergency Room with Kaydence on Sunday morning. She woke up saying her head hurt and I looked and there was a deer tick embedded in the skin. We tried to pull it out and only a small piece came off. It was red and a bit swollen and so we called the doctor who said to bring her in and they'd numb it and remove it. They said if we left it that the skin would grow over it and it would get infected. So... Jake drags her in and they tell him "The studies show that it's more harmful to try to remove it than to just leave it. " WHAT? Were these studies released in the 20 minutes it took from the time I talked to the doctor until he got to the ER and they gave him completely opposite advice? UGH.

So, they left the stupid tick in there. It still hasn't come out but thankfully doesn't look infected either. I don't know why we waste the time and money to go to the ER. I should just buy some lidocaine and do it myself! :D


Jessica said...

I'd try and get the money back from the ER visit! That is crazy that they gave you 2 conflicting pieces of advice!

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