Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's been really nice here lately so we've been staying outside as much as we can! Sunday we went to Itasca State Park and rented bikes. Kylie brought and rode her own bide so she was pretty excited. Emeric and Kaydence rode in the bike trailer and ate snacks the whole time! Then we took the kids over the rocks at the headwaters. Monday and Tuesday we went to the beach. The kids are willing to get into the water a lot more this year so it's a bit more fun. Today it looks like it might rain but I've got a lot of stuff to finish pricing for our garage sale so it's probably a good idea to stay in anyway.

Emeric has an appt. with the neurologist tomorrow and I'm guessing she'll increase his meds because he's still having seizures everyday. She's also mentioned a skin biopsy so I'll see where she's at with that.


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