Friday, April 4, 2008

The weather has been getting much warmer this week which has been so nice! Today it's supposed to be 57! Woohoo! It's so muddy outside though that the excitement of going out evens out with the dread over muddy clothes!

The kids have been doing good. Kylie get up each morning and does her "stretches". LOL They learn them in gymnastics and are supposed to practice them at home and she always does a good job remembering!

Emeric is sick with something again. A cough that sounds pretty deep since yesterday. I'm hoping not to have to bring him in but i guess I'd be better today than over the weekend. We have an Urgent Care here now which is great because I HATE the ER. Thankfully we haven't been to the ER in months. I don't remember the last time.

Still no word on any results from Cleveland. I'm hoping maybe next week for the spinal tap results but we'll see!


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