Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, today is a better day with the kids than the last post. Of course they haven't gotten up yet either so things might change soon. LOL I was supposed to leave for Bible Study this morning but I can't bring myself to wake all the kids up. Kaydence never sleeps this late. Jake and I have started calling her The Insomniac because she is such a horrid sleeper. Emeric doesn't usually sleep this late either but he's got a little cold so that's probably why he's still in bed.

I have mentioned a little girl from Fargo a few times here, Caroline. She passed away last night. Please pray for her family if you can. I've followed her story for about a year now.

Not a whole lot planned for today. Emeric has PT today and then we've got a "fun night" planned at the church. Just games and pizza and stuff I guess. Should be "fun" hopefully!


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