Friday, April 18, 2008

And so it begins...

A few weeks ago Kylie asked me how a baby gets out of a mommy's tummy. The conversation went something like this.

Kylie: Mommy, how does a baby get out of you tummy?
Kaydence: It breaks out. Then you go to the hostibul.
Kylie: Does it break out of your tummy?
Me: Well, um... um....

Kylie: Mommy, HOW DOES IT?

Kaydence: When you get bigger you'll break out of mommy's tummy Kylie.

Kylie: Be QUIET Kaydence.

And so I told her how. LOL I won't tell you what I said because my mom will read this and she will call me and say, "Nicole, I can't believe you told her that!" LOL

;) It was honest. Not explicit, just honest. Haha.

So, fast forward a few weeks... Last night we're eating supper and Kylie says, "How does a mom get a baby in her tummy?" or something along those lines.

Me: Crap. Here we go again. :) Well, when you get married if you want a baby then a mommy and a daddy can have one.

Kylie: But how do they make one?

Me:(praying for words of wisdom at this point. I suck at this kind of thing.) Well, if you get married and decide you want a baby then you can make one.(Yes, just another way of saying what I had already said, but I thought maybe I could trick her. LOL)

Kylie:(Annoyed at this point that I'm not answering the question and raising her voice a bit) But mommy, how DO YOU?

Me: (Realizing I am NOT getting out of this conversation) Well, there is a part on a mommy and a part on a daddy that can make a baby.

Kylie: Oooohhhh.

THANK GOD she did not ask me what those parts were! LOL I really opened myself up there. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

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A day in the life of the Simmons said...

lol That's great :)

Jessica said...

haha! Hopefully she waits a few years to ask the follow-up question of what those parts are!

cute story!

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