Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok, enough of the numbered days. This doesn't mean we're well but I am finally feeling better! I actually slept last night after some sinus meds and lots of Ibuprofen! Emeric is not better. Kaydence has her 3 year check today which basically translates into a pointless appointment where they tell me nothing I don't already know and we probably pick up some other illness while there! I think I have a pretty good idea of whether or not she's "well" but since I'm not vaccinating I've been warned to "at least" do the Well child checks so no one could ever come and say I'm neglecting my kids by not getting them proper medical care. Although it's pretty obvious I am since I'm at the clinic much more than your average person. Oh well, Emeric has to have some blood work done anyway so I might as well take Kaydence along.


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