Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 5-Noon

Don't worry, I won't post hourly updates! The days do feel long though and I am wishing it was bedtime already.

Took the kids in to the clinic and we've all got the flu. Kaydence, Emeric, and I had flu swabs done. Theirs were positive, mine was negative. The Dr. said that just means I'm not contagious anymore. I didn't have Kylie tested. Really no point because it's pretty obvious we all have the same thing.

Of course the doctor drilled getting flu shots into my head. I told her I'd heard that the reason for the outbreaks this year was because the vaccination was the wrong strain but she casually changed the subject. And really even if it were the right strain it doesn't matter because we don't vaccinate anyway. Of course she doesn't know that, she's the doctor on call, and it doesn't really matter if she knows.


Is it nap time yet? said...

I think the flu shot does more harm than good. For the same reason you gave (it's not the same strain as the one going around now) and because some people get the flu right after they get the shot. Pointless!

I hope you all are feeling well soon!

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