Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quick trip to the hospital

The last few days have been pretty busy around here! On Wednesday Emeric was acting strange and we weren't sure if he was having seizures or what he was doing so the neurologist wanted to see him Thursday morning. We drove up to Fargo to see her and she decided to raise his medication and if that didn't work she wanted to admit him after the new year for more testing. So we came home. As soon as I got home there was a message from her saying she wanted us to come back and she was going to admit him for a Video EEG. (VEEG) So, I flew around the house trying to get some stuff packed, brought the girls back to Jake's mom and dads house and drove up to Fargo AGAIN.

He was admitted Thursday night and hooked up to the VEEG. Hooking him up took at least an hour and was pure torture for him. He had to be held down while they glue the electrodes on and they use an air gun to dry the glue which is loud and scared him. Then they go back and glue on some pieces of gauze and then they go back and scratch all the electrodes which has to hurt and then they fill them all with gel. He was so tired afterwards and the neurologist wanted him up until 10:00pm.

The rooms are tiny and the cords are only a few feet long so he couldn't move around much which he didn't enjoy, but the neurologist let us leave early on Friday which was nice! She called our cell phone to give us the results and she said it was abnormal. She's going to maximize the medication he's on now and then if that doesn't help she's going to start him on another medication. So, we're hoping the medicine he's on now helps because starting another one is a huge hassle for everyone involved!

Here are some pictures of him in the hospital...


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