Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Occupational Therapist had scored Emeric a while back for sensory processing difficulties and I got the report today. They score them in different areas and they their performance among their peers.

In visual processing he scored typical. In tactile (touch) he scored probable difference. In oral sensory processing he scored probable difference. In auditory(hearing) he scored definite difference. In Vestibular(movement) processing he scored definite difference. She said Emeric demonstrates sensory processing difficulties. And that he has low registration which indicates poor modulation. She said it's like being unable to tune to a radio station. He demonstrates sensory sensitivity and sensory avoiding. She writes, "Children with this combination may not notice stimuli when they need to but once they do notice their nervous systems are intolerant to the input. His behavior may be inconsistent. Avoiding behaviors may cause the child to be overcome by sensory input and engage in very disruptive behaviors appearing stubborn or controlling. He may be viewed as fussy or may require a great deal of structure. He may demonstrate more variability in behavior which makes it hard to plan or anticipate what will work."

Man, she described him well! LOL The fussy, stubborn part is right on!

She also said that touch, oral sensory processing, auditory and movement are also areas of need. So basically they're going to be working on everything with him. The bad part is that this OT that did this assessment won't be our OT anymore and instead it will be another OT who doesn't know much about sensory processing difficulties. There is a possibility thought that if we do private OT instead of state funded that we could get the old OT back, which would be nice.

Anyway, that's my last update for the day!


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