Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy New(BUSY) Year!

I know it's a bit ealy but I was realizing that 2007 has been just a tad busy for us and I was hoping 2008 would slow down but so far we're starting the new year off pretty busy. Emeric's video EEG is January 9-11th, then he has his tear ducts irrigated January 17th, and then we leave 2 days later for Cleveland to have his muscle biopsy and spinal tap done! Wouldn't it be nice after all of that to have a vacation? I'd love that!

Jake and I *might* get some kind of short vacation if we decide to go to the Weekend To Remember conference in Fargo in February. It's pretty expensive so we'll see but we haven't been away overnight for over a year!! We left Emeric once when he was 5-6 months old overnight but with breastfeeding I haven't really been able to leave him. He's not nursing as frequently now so it's probably fine. I worry about leaving him because come February he'll be taking at least 4-5 meds 2x a day and I worry that no one will remember to give him all of those! Well, I suppose I can stop worrying about something that's a few months away huh? LOL

It is SOOOOO cold today. And of course I have to go to town to ship out a couple things and it can't wait until Monday either! The van is on empty which means I can't even let it run for 20 minutes to warm up or it will probably run out of gas!!! Jake was telling me last night how I cannot let it get that low and that I need to keep it at least 1/2 tank. This coming from a guy who's ran out of gas twice in the last few months.!! Ha ha!

I have to give my niece piano lessons at noon so we won't be able to leave until after that and maybe it will be a bit warmer then.

Have a good weekend!


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

I think you should go to the conference, it would be fun!

Kelley said...

Hi Nicole,

I'm glad they're getting underway with Emerick's surgery. He'll be a much happier little man when he can have that done! We'll pray that he will be healthy for it.

Let me know about those plane tickets so I can check into it.

A. Kelley

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