Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We got a Twister game at a garage sale last week and the girls love it. Kylie knows her left & right now so it's funny watching her try to stretch and touch all the colors. She keeps saying it's too hard. :)

I think the girls are spoiled. Last night before they went to bed Kylie said, "Where are we going in the morning?" I said, "nowhere, we're staying home". You'd have thought her world ended. She started bawling about how she didn't want to stay home and just wanted to go SOMEWHERE! I picked up my eyes off the floor after they rolled out of my head and told her we didn't NEED to go somewhere everyday. Kaydence piped in that maybe we should go to Pizza Hut. NO girls, we're going to bed. So today they are fine staying home but insisted they needed to watch Dora. Ok, fine, then I can finish the laundry. Two seconds after they sit down they both insist they need juice. Kaydence is lying in a model like pose on the chair, with her blanket and says, "I need juice". Man, I'd kill for that. Just to lie around all day curled up with your favorite blanket, demanding things! Pfft.

I don't think Emeric is feeling well today. He's running a low fever and sleeping more. Which means he's pretty much never awake because he's been sleeping 17-18 hours a day for the last few days! :( I'm sure it's his medicine but man, it stinks. I feel like he's missing out on everything because he's sleeping so much!

Did I mention in my last post he's crawling?? He pulls himself around like a little worm and the girls are pretty unhappy that he can now get into their toys. I think it's cute! :)


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Yes I think it would be wonderful to just lie around all day and be waited on, but I don't picture that happening anytime soon.

Jaymen is also crawling, he has really taken off this week so now he has taken a liking to eating barbie shoes and legos. Fun stuff!

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