Monday, August 13, 2007

*These new pictures are ones I took of Kylie to send out for her 4 year pictures.*

I figured I should write something since it's been almost a week. Nothing much has been going on in our lives except for the usual... Girls fighting, cleaning house, girls fighting, oh wait, I mentioned that! Ah, they're driving me crazy! They scream & yell at each other all the time! When they're not fighting however they play together like best friends! Go figure!

Jake and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Friday. We didn't do much, just went out to eat, but it was nice to get a break! :)

Emeric is doing good. I talked to our neurologist today at Mayo and asked him a bunch of questions that have been on my mind. He still thinks Emeric has a metabolic disorder but he said typically there are clues as to which disorder and in Emeric's case there are basically too many clues. Did you read that... there are too many clues! AGHGHH! First we want clues and now we have so many they can't narrow anything down! UGH!

A huge positive though is he's started crawling!!! It's so cute, it's more of an worm crawl, but he gets around none the less!

We don't have huge plans for this week. I'm trying to get invitations addressed for Emeric's birthday party and we have church family camp this week but otherwise not much is happening around these parts!

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