Sunday, August 19, 2007

Long weekend

On Friday night we ended up taking Emeric up to Fargo to the ER. He was running a high fever & not acting like himself. His neurologist wanted us to bring him in to be seen and rule out an infection. We got there at 9:00pm and they started an IV, took blood, & urine. The doctor also wanted a chest x-ray and possibly a spinal tap. We were there about an hour and a half and Emeric finally fell asleep. The doctor came back in and said his blood work had come back normal but he wanted to give him a high power antibiotic through IV and keep him for 24 hours. I told him I didn't see any reason to give him antibiotics if he didn't have an infection. He agreed & said he only said to give him the antibiotics because that's what the pediatricians do but he agreed you shouldn't treat something until you know what you're treating. So we took him home.

Saturday morning we got up and Emeric was still running a fever but seemed to be feeling better so we decided to head up to our church family camp out. We got there early afternoon and the weather was kind of dreary but we still had fun. Played lots of volleyball and four square. We sat around the campfire for a while and ended up leaving at about 10:30pm. We didn't want to stay since it was cold, rainy and Emeric wasn't feeling great. We did end up driving back up this morning for church service and lunch and then this afternoon we played volleyball & four square again and headed home about 4:30pm.

We just finished dinner & gave the kids bath and the water was disgustingly black. I guess that's what happens when you camp. Jake and I are hoping for an early bed time because we're both tired & sore from getting more exercise than we're used to! :)


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