Friday, July 13, 2007

What we've found out so far...

I got a recent picture of Emeric, I thought it was cute! :)

The neurologist called again today and said his med levels were really low in his blood still. How frustrating! So now she wants us to raise the levels and also increase the Lamictal next week, a full week sooner than we'd planned. I told her the Lamictal was making him an insomniac so she wants to see about switching him to Depakote.

As far as the urine results... They pretty much indicate a metabolic disorder. Problem is there are over 1,000 metabolic disorders so it will take more extensive testing to pinpoint anything. Here's a link for anyone wanting to know what a metabolic disorder is:

I've been talking to a woman online who knows how to read lab results and knows a lot about metabolic disorders. I emailed her the full report and she said it sounds like a Fatty Oxidation Disorder:

Of course that's just her opinion based on her knowledge and I'm not taking it as fact, it's just something else to pursue. I guess the fact that his seizures increased dramatically when he started eating solid foods is a huge indication of a metabolic disorder. It makes sense, I mean when you start eating food your body has to breakdown the proteins and with a metabolic disorder the proteins aren't able to be broken down properly.

Anyway, it's late and I've googled myself to death so off to bed!


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