Friday, July 13, 2007

We got a call yesterday from the neurologist letting us know Emeric's urine came back abnormal. Which means more redoing the test along with further testing. His urine tested positive for organic acids which suggests a metabolic disorder. We won't know anything more until the test results come back and that may take a couple weeks. In the meantime the Lamictal has obvious started to kick in. I've been hearing of the infamous insomnia associated with Lamictal and now I'm seeing it first hand! Yippee! (insert sarcasm). Last night Emeric was up until 10:30pm which is about 2 1/2 hrs past his usual bedtime. He's also getting up at night again which is more than likely from the meds. I really hope once his body adjusts to the Lamictal that he'll start sleeping better. Although since we are doubling the dose in 2 weeks I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Yet.

Some positive things: Yesterday Emeric clapped his hands!! This is the first sign of imitating us we've seen from him. The PT was pretty impressed! He tends to hold his left hand in a fist a lot and I mentioned this to her. She said she had noticed it but at this point she wasn't sure why and the fact that he uses it with only slightly less preference than the right is a good sign!! She'll be back in 2 weeks.

Kaydence has started getting quite the personality. This is also known as: not listening. She enjoys standing, feet firmly planted, until the umpteenth time you call her. I've started going and taking her hand myself and she doesn't like it in the least so she's been increasingly compliant since that's obviously a better option than not doing something yourself. ;)

Kylie is also doing well. She's learned to write her name and she'll copy most any name you write down for her on her magna doodle. She continually talks about going to school, which is still over a year away. It seems everyone is shutting down my idea of homeschooling. First Jake, now Kylie! Kylie also has her 4 year well check next week and she's looking forward to it. LOL I think she feels important that she's the one going to the doctor instead of Emeric. She NEVER goes to the doctor. She's never sick. She asked if she was getting shots or blood work. LOL I said no. She wanted to know why and I just said because you don't need them. I didn't want to explain to her that I've decided immunizations are a huge pharmaceutical money maker, that the diseases she's being vaccinated for are not life threatening, that they use formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, monkey tissue, aluminum, and God knows what else as preservatives, and well, I'll just stop there. I'll save that post for another day! :D

I picked up some groceries today. Since we're trying to stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup it takes me at least twice as long at the grocery store. All I needed today was Miracle Whip and cereal. Easy right? Wrong. Even Miracle Whip has HFCS in it! Geez! I tried to think of another option and got tired so I just grabbed some and justified it by telling myself that the kids don't eat it anyway! I'll work on their health and then mine! :) The cereal aisle was the same thing. I finally found two boxes of cereal without a ton of crap in it, but it took me at least 10 minutes! It's ridiculous!

Well, as usual I'm long winded. I should probably get offline and take advantage of the fact that Emeric is asleep and Jake's mom has the girls and do some cleaning!


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