Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today has been a rough day.

This morning Emeric woke up and had 7 seizures within less than 10 minutes. I knew these are considered "cluster" seizures and aren't a good thing. He quite for a while so I figured he'd be ok. A few hours later it started again. I called up to the neurologist's office and talked to her Physician's Assistant(she's on vacation). Her PA recommended I bring Emeric to the ER and have them give him Diastat. Diastat is a suppository which will stop seizures immediately. I told her he again had stopped the cluster seizures so I wasn't sure if we should do that or not. She told me she'd get a hold of the neurologist and call me back. Well, she called back and the neuro(Dr. Elzind) wanted Emeric to go have a blood draw to see how much Dilantin was in his system. She also called in a prescription for the Diastat. We went in and had his blood drawn and headed home. As soon as we got home the PA called and said the Dilantin was really low which is why it isn't helping and that Dr. Elzind wanted us to go to the ER and have them give him a loading dose of Dilantin and then have his levels rechecked 2 hours later. So...

We got to the ER and they had to try to get an IV in. They tried his arm and couldn't get it to work so they had to try his foot. Thankfully that worked. I about broke down crying but Kylie was with and I didn't want to explain myself. I felt so bad for him having to be put through all of that! Anyway, we waited around for 2 hours and had his levels rechecked. I haven't heard back so hopefully that means they are high enough, otherwise we have to go back to the ER and repeat all of that again and honestly I cannot handle having to put him through that again. We're also increasing the dose on Thursday and hopefully that will help. About an hour and a half after he received that loading dose he had another seizure. :(

It's kind of disheartening because I'm worried that the meds aren't helping him. I also read today that the prognosis is poor for kids whose seizures start before a year and if they affect a large area of the brain. Both of those things are true for Emeric. I guess I need to stop reading before I drive myself crazy and just pray that he beats those odds.

Please keep him in your prayers! I hate seeing him go through all of this!


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