Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My new home

That's the doctor's office of course.

Yesterday we drove up to Fargo to get Emeric's blood work and urine tests done. They poked him 3 times before finally giving up because his veins kept collapsing. :( So, this morning we went in again and thankfully they were able to get what they needed.

Kylie also had an appt. today. Just a 4 year well check. She's the healthiest kid I know and she did fine. She asked if she got to have blood tests today like Emeric. LOL. I told her no and that she should be happy because they aren't fun! She passed her eye exam with flying colors and I think she has better eye sight than I do. She also had a hearing test and the nurse kept telling her to raise her arm if she heard a beep so she kept flapping her arm up and down the whole time because she didn't really understand!

So now we're out of the doctor's office(keep your fingers crossed) until Tuesday. Then Emeric meets with the neurologist again as well as having an eye appt. to discuss surgery for his clogged tear ducts!

We're raising his meds today so if you think of praying for him I'd appreciate it. I worry about reactions when he increases quickly like that.

I've decided to start listing some prayer requests because I've had a few people asking what they could pray for. So, I guess for starters:

*Pray that we get quick answers to these tests and that our neurologist will know what needs to be done

*Pray that Mayo will accept him for an appt

*Pray for the girls, I know they're getting tired of being shipped all over the countryside while I drag Emeric back and forth

*Pray for us financially because it really sucks driving back and forth to Fargo constantly, especially with gas at over $3.00 a gallon again!


denverwoman said...

Hi Nicole:

Sounds like things are moving right along. I sure hope they have some answers soon.
Prayers on continually on the way!:)

Aunt Kelley

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