Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's been a while

Sorry it's been a while since I posted last... I've been busy with Bible School! The girls are ready to stay home for an entire day I think. They love going to Rhonda's but they're getting tired. Emeric is doing good over there and everyone says he is such a good baby.

Emeric has been doing well. His seizures have lessened a lot since raising the Lamictal. We actually increased it again today and then in 5 days we'll increase it again. We had two appointments yesterday in Fargo for him. The first one was with the opthalmalogist to discuss his clogged tear ducts. She wants to wait a month and have us try to massage them a few minutes 3x a day and see if that works first. I told her there is no way he'll let me touch his face let alone for 3 minutes! So we go back in a month and she'll schedule surgery to open the ducts and also do a full eye exam.

We also saw the neurologist. She hasn't gotten back most of the blood work yet. She did get back the urine organic acid screen and his Methylmalonic Acid is still elevated. I guess that suggests a Vitamin B12 deficiency, which they also tested for, but we haven't gotten back yet. So at this point we're waiting on those results. She gave us orders for a couple more blood tests and another urine test.

She also wants to keep an eye on his head size. I mentioned to her that it was well over the 100 percentile and that it had jumped from the 50%. She said she wants to watch it and said it could just be a hereditary thing or it could be something else.

We also got an appointment at Mayo for September 27th so that's good news. I figured it would be this fall so even though it's 2 months that's fine with me. He's doing well and we've seen huge improvements on his medication. The neurologist noticed it as well. He's engaging more and interacting and he's babbling a lot. Yesterday he started pushing himself forward with his legs so I think in a few weeks or less he'll be crawling. We'll see!

We're taking the kids to the fair today. I think we're crazy since it's VERY hot. The heat index was 111!!! So we might not be there long!

Have a great day everyone!


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