Monday, June 18, 2007

Why we're here...

I started this blog in hopes of keeping family and friends updated as to what is going on in our lives! The kids are doing well.... Kylie just turned 4 and she's pretty excited about it! Don't dare call her a little girl because she will correct you. "I'm the BIGGEST girl mom!" she'll say. Kaydence is 2.5 and she has quite the personality for such a short stature. She loves to copy her big sister and follow her around quite a bit, which Kylie just loves! ;) Emeric will be 10 months old on Thursday and I can't believe he is that old! I can tell he's contemplating crawling but for now it isn't high on his priority list. Early Intervention has been coming and working with him as he is delayed in most areas. Mostly social/communication skills but they're also going to work with some fine and gross motor skills as well. Emeric has an appointment with a pediatric neurologist tomorrow because he's been having seizures and we're not sure why. I'm praying for some answers tomorrow but I have a feeling it might be a long road to getting answers as that's been my experience so far!

Jake is doing well. He's working with his uncle doing construction and he also has a lawn mowing business in the summer time and just hired his first employee! :) He stays busy and when he's home he spends most of his time playing with the girls! He just built them a swingset, which they are very proud of!

I've been spending most of my time researching online and worrying more than is healthy, about Emeric. I also planted a garden this year and look forward to all the vegetables and flowers later this summer! Unfortunately it's been raining quite a bit and I haven't had a lot of time to work down there. Not to mention with 3 kids everything seems like a bit more work!

I hope to keep this updated so you all can read about our family and see how we're doing!



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