Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faces of Mitochondrial Disease

I shared this on Facebook but I thought I'd share it here too as well. Please take the 8 minutes to watch this video. I "know" some of these kids through meeting their moms on an online support group for parents of kids with Mitochondrial Disease. Is it a sad video? Yes. But it's the reality of the disease and unless people understand what it is they will not support the research.

I hate this disease. It's what causes Emeric to lie on the couch all day long some days. It's what keeps him on seizure medications, makes him unable or unwilling to eat enough, gives him 10 words at nearly 4 years old, and makes him so hot that he can't even enjoy a hot day outside!


Anna said...

Why did I watch that??? Now I have a crying headache!!!

Heather Allen Kral said...

ya-i cried to! Im sorry Nicole ( for alack of omething better to say but i can think of anything else to say)

Kimmy said...

Hi Nicole. Thank you for sharing this video. It opens our eyes on what we might face in the future for our daughter.
I'll be visiting your blog often to get updates on your boy's progress.

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