Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've jumped on the bandwagon

The "Feed the Freezer" bandwagon, that is.

Feeding the freezer essentially means spending an entire day cooking a months worth(or however many meals you are willing to make and can fit in your freezer) of food. Does an entire day of cooking sound appealing to me? Well, no. But neither do 30 separate days of cooking. In fact...

I hate cooking.

I guess that isn't entirely true. There are a few days here and there where I enjoy cooking but for the most part I find it too time consuming & messy. Besides... all that work for 10-15 minutes of enjoyment. Sigh.

Not everything freezes well and I wanted to play it safe so I stuck to meals I know freeze well and my kids will actually eat. If I enjoy this whole 'Feed the Freezer' business I might experiment more later but for now... lots of hamburger and chicken! You'll also notice we eat a lot of Mexican food!

I only included 15 meals because I'm sure there will be nights we'll get a pizza, eat cereal, send the kids to their rooms without supper(kidding), etc...

Anyway... "The Plan"

1. Meatballs
2. Tater Tot Hotdish
3. Cheeseburger Pie
4. Spaghetti sauce
5. Sloppy Joe meat
6. Lasagna
7. Nachos
8. Chicken Enchiladas
9. Taco Pie
10. Egg Bake
11. Tacos
12. Chicken Tetrazzini
13. Chicken and Rice Soup
14. Cheesy Ham Chowder
15. Spicy chicken

I'll be in Houston next week but I hope to cook that next Monday and I'll definitely be chronicling(how the heck do you spell that word?) the process!


ben and erin said...

have, uh, FUN cooking! i was invited to do this with a group of friends, but i don't think i can. i can't even plan out meals for the week (let alone a month) because ben will come home and not be in the mood for whatever food i had planned. so i usually have 2-3 options for him when i call him in the afternoon!

good luck! i'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end!

Nicole said...

Erin, that could still work! Actually it might be easier for you because then you'll have a lot of options in the freezer to choose from!

A day in the Life... said...

Make sure you buy some containers to freeze all of that in! Just an FYI Soup freezes well in those square ice cream containers.. and frozen tater tot hotdish takes FOREVER to cook in the oven from it's frozen state so plan to put it in about 2hrs in advance! lol

I totally need to do this again but I don't have enough motivation. Have fun

Nicole said...

I got a tip from someone to line the pan with foil and then once it's frozen, take it out of the pan and wrap it in the foil so that way you'll save pans!

Jess(ica) said...

wow, i admire your efforts! I would rather just eat cereal than cook every day or once a month! haha. There are a few things I'll cook but most of the time it's not worth it.

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