Thursday, January 21, 2010

A fun weekend!

We live in the middle of nowhere. A good way to judge how far out in the middle of nowhere you actually live is to determine how far away the nearest Target is. For us that's over an hour.

So, when I remembered that there was a hotel/water park only 30 minutes from us that we'd never been to I decided we should go! I called Jake at 1:00pm and by 2:30 I had picked Kylie up to school and headed to the hotel. Jake's used to my "fly by the seat of your pants" view on life. And in my defense I found an awesome deal online that was only available on Friday's in January. :)

Waiting for dad to bring pizza...

Taking advantage of being able to drink pop!
(Don't worry, I took it away after about 2 drinks)

Lazy River

Kylie and dad coming down the waterslide

Making sure I see that she's eating another cookie!

The kids had a lot of fun and are already asking to go back!
Oh and here's a video of Emeric saying all the words he knows!! :)

Kylie pretending to be annoyed with me for taking her picture

"Mom, just let me eat my pizza in peace!"

And every once in a while I look outside and actually appreciate winter and it's beauty!


A day in the Life... said...

Glad you had fun :)

ben and erin said...

that's so cool that you got to get away and have some fun! looks like fun!

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