Monday, November 9, 2009

Epilepsy Awareness

As I said before, many people tend to think of a tonic clonic seizure as the only type of seizure. This is the first video I have of Emeric having seizures. He was 9 months old and I was video taping him and just happened to catch it on video. In showing it to 2 different doctors neither of them believed it was a seizure but a video EEG proved they were seizures. Just further proof that seizures that aren't "typical" are sometimes very easy to miss.

I have a few more videos of Emeric's seizures and there are a lot of videos on you tube that show different types of seizures as well.

*Sorry it's sideways! :)


The Curry's said...

I remember that video well! I remember that my heart sank while I was watching it. :( I knew those were seizures, and it's so hard to believe that a trained medical doctor didn't realize it!

It's amazing how far he has come since then, isn't it?

Nicole said...

I remember it far too well too Cristina! What was so interesting is that we don't have a pediatrician in our town so I took him to a nearby city with a pediatrician and showed her the video and she wasn't convinced. She ordered an EEG(I think for my own peace of mind) and it was normal! I knew better though! :) I'm glad I didn't just assume since it was normal that he wasn't having seizures. Although I'm sure time would have told either way.

ben and erin said...

wow. i don't really know what to say. i've wondered what his seizures are like since all i know are the tonic-clonic ones. you're so right--that's the kind most people associate with epilepsy. so how long do his seizures usually last? are they just seconds long like that one?

and yeah, i can't believe the doctors didn't think anything of that. you can totally tell that something happened, even though it was so quick.

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