Thursday, October 29, 2009


Telemarketers think they're so sneaky. First one called this morning and asked if Jake was home. I said no and asked who was calling. They told me and I said they can call back tonight. Two minutes later the same number pops up on my caller ID! I ask who is calling and they won't tell me. They said it's a "personal business call". Yeah, ok. I say, "You JUST called here and I told you to call back tonight!" and they hung up!

I thought about calling THEIR number back!!

What do you do when telemarketers call? Are you nice and stay on the phone? Do you hang up? Do you tell them a joke? What do you do?


ben and erin said...

they actually call mainly when i'm in the middle of cooking dinner or eating dinner. so i tell them that. or i tell them that i don't have time.

but i can't tell them until they pause and get done with their schpeal (sp?!). but the last telemarketer that called was for some kind of survey thing, and they'd been calling a few times so i just interrupted and asked them to take me off of their call list. it worked!

Robbie Leigh said...

I try to be polite at first, but if they're rude and don't let me get a word in I hang up. I hate when they just keep talking and talking blah blah blah.

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