Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some things you might see if you came to our house...

Raised garden beds
(this is actually my mother in laws but since we live approximately .2 feet and the kids insist on going over at least 2x a day you'd likely see it if you came to our house)
*Yes, this is a photographers nighmare but it was way too light and everything got washed out so I just badly edited the heck out of it so you could see the horse sniffing Emeric. It was pretty adorable if you ask me and being that you're all nice people you can forgive bad lighting, editing and the like. Right?

Kylie freezing after swimming
(Which means there was a lot of whining involved)

Emeric's goofy grin

My sister refusing to let me take her picture.

I suppose it's possible she gets that from my mom?

Jaymen and Emeric(who are 12 days apart)

Kylie, Baylee, and Kaydence. Oh and Betty, the doll.

Children wrestlingChildren posing for a picture

A rainbow after a rainy day

Stay tuned for more "things you might see if you came to our house" photos!


Jess(ica) said...

Very fun post! Cute pics of the kids! You guys have horses?

Nicole said...

No, those are Jake's parents too but their yard feels like our yard so I'm including things from their yard and next post will be things from across the street and Jake's aunt and uncle's because people usually end up seeing these things when they come over. It's kind of like a colony. LOL

A day in the Life... said...

I am not amused with the picture of my self. Just so you know!

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