Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I finally settled on keeping Emeric's appt. in Houston in August. I was going back and forth but needed to commit to it so it was one less thing I was worrying about doing. Just him and I are going to go and for just 3 days. He has a follow up appt. with the Mitochondrial Disease specialist and then hopefully *fingers crossed* we don't need to go back there.

He has a few other appt's coming up and another EEG which I just got word of today was pushed back to the end of October.

Kaydence has to go back in next week for another sinus xray because we're pretty sure the sinus infection is back. I don't know what to do if she has it back after 6 weeks of antibiotics because I don't plan on putting her back on antibiotics.

I've been busy preparing for Bible school which I'm helping direct this year so that's been a lot of work trying to get it all together. I'm also preparing to send Kylie to school in just over a month and we're still working on finishing the basement.

So, needless to say we've been staying busy! I'm looking forward to fall actually because while it's still busy it's more of a routine.


MJ said...

Hey there,

I don't know if Kaydence is on any allergy medication. But it has helped with Elli's sinus problems a ton, plus the steroid nasal spray. I just found out that I could crush up the pills and put them in applesauce. Which will save me a ton of money since that means I can now buy the generic.


Nicole said...

She was on Singulair but ended up being allergic to it! LOL She goes in for another sinus xray next week and if she has another one I am going to ask about trying a different allergy med. I just hate to put her on any more meds!

ben and erin said...

wow! you ARE busy! hope everything goes well with dr. appointments and Bible school.

and hey, check out my latest blog post! :-)

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