Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our fish died today. Again.

This was our new, bubble cheeked fish. I started noticing his bubbly cheeks were less bubbly and I wondered if something was up. Today, I looked in his tank and noticed his breathing was fast and labored. The nurse in me(ok, so I'm not a nurse but I like to pretend) actually wondered what his heart rate was! I am NOT joking. I wish I were because it sounds utterly ridiculous. Pity overcame me and I decided to end his suffering by flushing him down the toilet. When the girls realized he wasn't in the bowl I heard Kylie say to Kaydence, "Oh no, I think Goldie died" and Kaydence said, "Yeah, I think he died". The difference was Kylie was horribly distraught and Kaydence just shrugged her shoulders as if she cared less. When Kylie asked me I told her that yes, he died and she started bawling. She went and told Kaydence indeed he did die and Kaydence said, "Kylie, I already know." The bawling lasted for roughly .2 seconds and they haven't mentioned the fish since.

I don't think we'll be getting another fish.


Annika said...

We had a fish die last week. We had a flushing too. At least gold fish are only $.23!

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