Monday, January 19, 2009

I went to see my doctor today about my swallowing problem and this is what I left with:

1. A referral to a GI

2. A piece of paper that said: No lactose, yogurt ok, antacids.

Which tells you that I should've made the appt. to the GI myself and saved a trip to my regular doctor. Basically the doctor thinks I have GERD(Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), possibly a stricture(narrowing of the esophagus) and who knows what else. I have enough issues that she didn't want to try to deal with it.


In other news Kaydence has taken to saying, "What the heck?" over everything imagineable. It's cute and annoying at the same time. She also told Jake a few days ago, "Mom is nuts!" We both agreed we'll likely have our hands full during her teenage years!


MJ said...

Elli says "what the heck" all the time too. Sometimes she says it really loud and everyone stares at us.

Cliff has the esophageal stricture thing and I guess so do a couple of his brothers. The GI doc told him it was the way his stomach and esophagus are aligned, a hereditary thing. I guess the lower part of his esophagus is always sitting in the acid from his stomach. Since he didn't find out about it until he was older there was already a pretty bad stricture. So now he gets the balloon things put in every few years to keep it open. I don't know if you have ever eaten with him but man does he eat slow. I guess he has to chew his food forever or else it will get stuck. Good luck at the GI!

ben and erin said...

ugh.. i hate it when the regular dr avoids stuff! hope you can get some stuff figured out with the GI.

lol.. mom is nuts... yes, you guys will have your hands full in 10 years!

Jessica said...

I remember you having swollowing problems when we were kids! Sorry to hear it's still going on. Hopefully you can find something that will help it.

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