Monday, December 29, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

We've had a very busy weekend. Jake's sister got married on Sunday so since Friday we've hardly been home. Saturday we went up to the church at 10:00 for a brunch, played ice hockey, went on a sleigh ride, ate supper, performed a song, and ended up home around 9:00pm. Sunday morning we had church and then practiced for our songs we had to perform at the wedding after church and then ran home, changed and headed back to church for pictures. The wedding went well and I actually wasn't nervous singing for a change! We were home a bit earlier last night and the kids were exhausted! Jill and Ben headed back for Oregon this morning and the girls were pretty sad. Although they held it together for Jill which was good. :)

I posted a ton of pictures on Facebook if you want to take a look. If you're on facebook and not my friend well, add me. If you aren't on facebook then I guess you're out of luck. :) I might post some pictures later but for now the kids are all yelling at me for something so I better go!


Dawson said...

Hey and thanks for leaving a comment on our page. We had no idea you were following our story. I have taken a few moments to read a little and can't wait till I have more time to read your blog fully. You have a beautiful family and we want to get to know and pray for you guys. To answer the question you left on our blog..... All of the test results from the biopsy were negative. At this point we feel we have exhausted every reasonable effort to find out why Dawson was having infantile spasms and are no longer on the wild goose chase to find out why. We feel Dawson has been touched by the hand of God and are so glad to get the opportunity to share that with others. We know
( to the best of our ability) what you are going through and hope that through that common bond you can find us to be sombody you can confide in. We will be praying for you, your son, and entire family.

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