Monday, December 22, 2008


We went to Grand Rapids this past weekend as my aunt and uncle had dinner planned at their house. I actually went up on Friday night and my sister and I got together with Angie and Lesley and played cards. Katie gave me her old camera so I've been taking pictures like a mad woman. Plan on seeing a lot of pictures. Unless of course my arm falls off first from carrying the thing around.

Kylie refused to be my subject and the ones I took of Kaydence didn't really turn out so here are a couple of Emeric. I don't exactly know how to use the camera well yet and I didn't do any editing but nonetheless here they are:

For some reason I like pictures with the head cut off I guess... I thought about editing out that tuft of hair that's sticking up. Yeah right.

I like this picture even though there are shadows, his head is cut off, he's drooling and he's having a seizure.

I think this one's a bit blurry.

Yes, now I realize the head is very much cut off here. I intended it that way. The camera isn't THAT heavy!


ben and erin said...

good pictures nicole! have fun learning the camera. i'm sure you'll come to love it! looking forward to seeing lots of pictures. :-)

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