Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

This week I did NOT let the kids open one of their Christmas presents to give them something to do since we were snowed in.

I did NOT bring Emeric in to speech therapy, drop him off with his nurse, and then drive back home to sit in peace and quiet for 3 hours.

I did NOT tell Kylie that Santa Claus only brings presents if you're good. I despise manipulating kids with Santa Claus so I would never succumb to doing it myself.

I did NOT lie to Kaydence when she found one of her Christmas presents and tell her it was for someone else's birthday.

So Merry Christmas and Happy lying and manipulating. :D


Jessica said...

hehe... =) I bet you are also NOT the only mom who does NOT do those things!

Jessica said...

I love the new pic of the kids (the one behind your blog title)!!

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