Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I wanted to share some prayer requests of some families that need prayer right now. Since it's nearly Christmas I imagine it must be very, very hard to be going through what these families are going though.

First is Riley, a little girl with severe Epilepsy. I met her mom a few years ago in a Child Neurology forum and she's in the hospital right now having a very hard time. Please keep them in your prayers:

Next, Ian and Evan Dustan. Ian is a little boy who has multiple issues and is suspected of possibly having Mitochondrial Disease. Recently his older brother Evan was diagnosed with cancer and their family is really going through a difficult time.

Then, for Kelly, Jenelle's mom. Jenelly has Epilepsy and mental retardation and recently her mom was also diagnosed with cancer.


ben and erin said...

wow. i take my family's health for granted too much. i can't imagine what it must be like to go through that. i'll keep them in my prayers.

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