Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sore throats, appt's and pumpkin carving...

I have been sick all week. Sunday on my way home from scrapbooking I had a sore throat and it hasn't gone away yet! A couple days ago it was better and now it's hurting pretty bad again. I also got Impetigo from a little scratch on my nose so that's been lovely dealing with all week. Impetigo is strep so I'm thinking I have strep throat. I have antibiotics but I still never took them other than my salve for my nose because my throat was getting better. I keep waiting it out but it's been a week now so I think we're past the point of it getting better on it's own.

We've got a busy week. Monday I have an appt. in Fargo and then Tuesday night we're heading to the cities for Emeric's appt. with the Epileptologist and an EEG. Then Friday is Halloween so we plan to take the kids trick or treating. I hope it isn't too cold!

We carved pumpkins tonight so here are some pictures. We found some templates online and let the kids pick one out and "tried" to carve it in such a way as to someone resemble the picture! See if you can guess what they are! :)
*Jake wanted to know what happened to "the good ole days" when people just carved a nose, eyes and a mouth. Seeing as he had never carved a pumpkin in his life until we had kids I don't think he knows what the "good ole days" were!


Jessica said...

A cross (with some other stuff), a cat, and a bat? Did you paint the pumpkins black or was that just the lighting from the camera's flash?

Even if Jake never experience pumpkin carving during the "good ol' days" I agree with him nonetheless... pumpkin carving has evolved from the little faces... I bought my pumpkin tonight and plan on carving a face into it tomorrow... we'll see how that goes!

Hope you feel better soon!

Nicole said...

Yeah, Kaydence picked a graveyard. We didn't tell her what it was, she just thinks it's a cross! LOL

We just turned the lights off because otherwise you couldn't see the shapes well, that's why they look black.

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

a witch a bat and a headstone with trees :)

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