Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just a few things Kylie has told me this week:

1. A baby is born when the doctor shoots a hole in the mom's tummy.

2. That I should get a job so we have more money.

3. That we should shoot a deer so we make sure we have enough meat.

4. That nothing is fun, everything is boring, and all there is to do is play.

And a few things Kaydence has said:

1. That she could just LIKE watch a movie in her room or LIKE in the livingroom.

2. At the DMV standing in line with Jake: "Daddy, babies come out where you go potty!"

3. When she grows up she's going to live with grandma.

4. "Don't tell me what to do Kylie! I'm not your friend anymore!"

And last but not least, Emeric:

1. Da

2. Na

3. Ag u tha bu thu da ba sna (not sure what this means)



Lesley said...

Hi Nicole, I wandered over from Lindsey's blog. Just wanted to say hi and ask you if you miss playing volleyball ever at Oak Hills?? I sure do -- those were some fun times. :) You have adorable kids -- we had two girls and then a boy too. It's fun.

Okay well have a great day!

Jessica said...

So cute! I love when you and others with kids post the cute things they say! Was Jake mortified when Kaydence made that comment at the DMV? =)

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