Saturday, September 13, 2008

It seems like corn growers & the FDA aren't making enough money lately and they're worried that if everyone stops eating foods made with HFCS that they're going to be broke. So they've launched a site called "Sweet Surprise" which gives you the "facts" about High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I ALWAYS trust the FDA, don't you? Because they surely have your best interest at heart. They don't want your money they just want you to understand how truly good for you High Fructose Corn Syrup is. Screw nutritionists, they know nothing. They just want you to be bored with your food.

So, for anyone that's just been dying to debate about HFCS here's your challenge...

Find out who's lying.

Oh, and here's a good article to get you started. Biased? Yes, but isn't everything?


MJ said...

Yeah, I saw that commercial and it cracked me up. I like the part where she says it is fine in moderation. Then I thought oh yeah, that makes it easy, since it is in everything, even bread!! My moto is if it doesn't occur in nature naturally it probably is never really good for you. Oh yeah and the only thing the FDA is good for is making drug companies a ton of money.

Nicole said...

I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw the commercial. Because I love how disgusted the lady was that *gasp* someone actually believed the "lie" that HFCS is bad for you!

Not to mention the fact that the FDA recognizes it as "generally safe". LOL

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