Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We went camping this weekend with our church. It was pretty fun and the sleeping arrangements went much better than expected! We played volleyball, 4-square, went swimming, and sat by the fire. It was relaxing and nice to get out of the house and away for a couple days. Someone actually gave Jake a pop up camper but they needed it one last weekend which just happened to be the weekend we could've used it! Oh well, maybe we'll get another camping trip in before summer is over. Who knows where we'll store the thing though!

I've been cutting beans all morning and plan on canning them later once I run to town and buy some lids for the jars. I think I'll have about 20 qt's. Beans grow at ridiculously fast speeds! I'm glad I only planted 1.5 rows!

We're gearing up for homeschooling around here. We got a table and chairs and a bookshelf. Now I just need some more shelving and a few other random things and we should be set!


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