Friday, May 30, 2008

Please make an appointment...

Who would've thought that me, an incredibly, horrendously disorganized person would need TWO calendars just to keep track of what we have going on everyday!

This summer is so busy it's ridiculous! We have therapy nearly every day and multiple appt's. Emeric has an appt. with a neuro-developmental pediatrician in June. And then a geneticist, the GI, the neurologist, and a vision specialist. He's also being fitted for orthodics and a helmet within the next couple weeks.

The orthodics will hopefully help him keep from turning his right foot out and his left ankle in. They're cute little inserts that go into his shoes and you won't even be able to see them with his shoes on.

We ordered Emeric a cooling vest and it should be here next week. He doesn't cool down well and gets overheated outside so this vest will help keep him cool. We ordered it from

Jake is keeping incredibly busy with construction, mowing, putting docks in and doing other random jobs around the neighborhood.


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