Thursday, April 10, 2008

I hate snow.

The kids are all at tail end of their colds now. Kylie has been kind of tired all week and running a low grade fever and Emeric is snotty and crabby and Kaydence is just snotty in the personality descriptive sense of the word! :D

Last weekend it snowed 15+" of snow which is RIDICULOUS for this time of year and it's currently snowing again! Have I mentioned hating Minnesota? Next week it will be 100% humidity and we'll be complaining because we don't have central air! The weather is crazy in this state!!

I'm hoping to get some painting done this weekend. I want to finish the girls' room and also paint their dresser and get some knobs for it and finish Emeric's room. We've still got our bedroom and bathroom to paint but that can wait. The girls walls are getting filthy from all their fingerprints!

In other news I decided a week ago to stop biting my nails. I bought some nasty, pepper tasting polish that's supposed to be a thumb sucking deterrent but I only used it one day because well, it's disgusting. But... I haven't bit my nails since!! Woohoo! They're actually getting long although not strong since I obviously lack calcium but hey, I'm proud of myself for not biting them anymore. I guess small things excite me now like quitting a bad habit. :)

I'm also hoping to have a rummage sale here in the next month or so and get rid of all the kids' clothes from the last year. I just had a huge rummage sale last summer but I still have tons of CRAP again. Every year I vow not to buy the kids tons of clothes and every year I have tons of clothes. There's another bad habit I might kick someday. Although not likely! :)

Well, I'm off to bed. My head feels weird and my eyes feel funny and I don't know what my deal is. Maybe just looking too long at the computer screen. Although again, another bad habit and it's never really made me feel like these in oh say the last 6 years of being addicted to hte internet so I'm sure it isn't the culprit now either.


Laura Birkeland (for now) said...

Emeric and you all are still in my prayers... On another note, I'm not a nail-biter, but I do have really weak nails. I'd tried ALL kinds of different strengtheners, vitamins, etc., but had never found anything that made them stronger until about 2 years ago. This stuff ACTUALLY makes your nail thicker and stronger, I swear! If you're interested, this is their product site but you can usually find it cheapest on ebay, like 3 bottles for $20 or something:

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