Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I haven't updated in a while. Everyone is pretty much over their sickness except for me. I still have a stuffy nose and can't taste much of anything. We've went through 5 boxes of Kleenex here in the last couple weeks!!

Jake is hauling potatoes so he's been gone a lot. He can come home for a few hours in the evening once in a while but if he does that he doesn't get much sleep so it's better for him to just stay gone so he can sleep. The girls have really been missing him and Kylie wrote song about how she misses him and how they don't get to see each other very often. LOL It was pretty cute!

Emeric is doing well. Since we increased his meds I haven't seen any seizures. I'm hoping that lasts! It seems like we get good seizure control for a while and then they start coming again so hopefully the meds will help more this time. He is still receiving Physical THerapy every week but is sort of at a stand still. His tone is so low through his trunk that he has a hard time feeling stable enough to stand. He also doesn't cooperate real well when the PT wants him to actually work!

The OT has been gone for the last couple weeks so we haven't gone in. That's been ok though because it's hard to get all the kids in there every week. Emeric hates that too! Even more than the PT so it makes it more work than it seems to be worth!

As he's getting older some of his delays are more obvious. Especially that he doesn't want to really interact with other kids. My sister described him as anti social which is so fitting and I've noticed it more and more lately. He doesn't play with the girls he just wants to take their toys, pull their hair, hit them, etc. He will laugh if they're doing something funny but other than that he doesn't want to play with them. We were at Jake's parents house the other night and his cousin Ethan, who is 10 weeks older than him, was there and Emeric could've cared less. Ethan wanted to give Emeric a hug and he just kept hitting at him. At one point they were both sitting on the coffee table and Pat was gesturing for Ethan to jump to her and Emeric is just oblivious that he's even there.

I don't know, maybe this is one of those things that you can't understand unless you see him. I know a few people notice it. Others notice it but try to explain it away and say it's nothing. I know him too well though and I know it isn't nothing. I know he doesn't act like a typical kid his age. Some of it is his delays and some of it is more than that. Jake is somewhat anti-social so I've been told Emeric is probably just the same way and that may be partially true but in other ways I know that anti social people tend to become that way over time for different reasons. With Emeric it's different. It isn't wrong or bad, just frustrating at times.

Well, Kaydence is up and is hungry as usual so I better go find her something to eat before she withers away!


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