Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home from Cleveland... AGAIN!

It wasn't quite as bad in Cleveland this time. There wasn't as much snow and while it was raining it was nearly 50 degrees one day which is warm for me this time of year! I'm also learning my way around the city more so it isn't quite as bad driving. Emeric and I went shopping on Tuesday which I'm sure he loved! ;) It's so boring sitting at the Ronald McDonald House though because there is nothing to do. Even a TV in the room would help some! We did meet another little boy who is a few months older than Emeric and has Mitochondrial Disease so his mom and I talked quite a bit.

On Wednesday Emeric had his biopsy. We had to be there at 7:30am and his biopsy wasn't until nearly 9:30. I went in with him while they put the mask on and sedated him and then I went and ate some breakfast. The entire procedure took just over an hour. It was funny before the procedure they came and asked which leg I preferred they do the biopsy on. I told them I didn't favor one leg over the other and to just do flip a coin. Nah, not really but I did tell them it didn't matter to me. So they chose his left. Must have been the one closest to the knife I suppose.

He seems like it bothers him more today than yesterday. He is ok as long as he's just gotten his Tylenol with codeine and you aren't moving him but as soon as you move him he cries. His leg is really swollen. Maybe I'll post a picture for thost that aren't completely grossed out by those things. So if you are grossed out than consider this your warning. ;)

Not much planned for the weekend. We're doing Easter with Jake's family on Sunday. I would've liked to go to Grand Rapids but figured Emeric would probably rather stay home.

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