Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The kids slept in today which was nice but once they were up they were ready to open their gifts right away! Kylie got a V-tech game system that plugs into the computer and she has been playing it ever since. She also got a game and a plate and bowl set. Kaydence got a doll, a plate and bowl set, a game and some Dora and Diego sheets. Emeric got a wagon, a tonka truck and an Ugly Doll. I got Jake a new drill and some new clothes.

Emeric has been sick since Sunday so he didn't enjoy anything much and he's been so tired he went back to bed within the hour. Since Saturday he's been having a lot of seizures. It stinks that we couldn't catch them when he had the VEEG so we'd know exactly what was going on. Saturday-Monday he had at least 20+ within a few hours. I can't wait to start the supplements with him and see if they help. I sure hope so because he's not been himself at all for a while.

We're going to Jake's parents house today for Christmas so I need to go pick up a lot of wrapping paper first! Have a Merry Christmas!


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