Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here are some pictures from Cleveland...

Cleveland is a really old city and the houses are beautiful. I dont' think I saw a single house that used vinyl siding, they were all brick or stone. The problem with Cleveland is the roads are terrible and the intersections suck and trying to get across takes at least 5 full minutes. The first few minutes are spent trying to see exactly which lane will take you across and the next few minutes are spent slamming on your brakes for pedestrians that apparently have the right away even while the light is green.

We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House while we were there which was really nice. They had a group come in every night to make meals and that was really nice!!

There's a picture of Anna and I standing in front of Lake Erie. We drove through a really bad neighborhood full of boarded up buildings, a guy stealing a hat from a local store, a stray bulldog, and lots of other ghetto-ish stuff to get to Lake Erie. And then we got there and all we saw was a group of about 6 black and white cats roaming around. It was nothing that spectacular. I guess that's what happens when you live in MN and are used to seeing lakes all the time!


Is it nap time yet? said...

I thought it was funny when you said that getting across town takes AT LEAST a full 5 minutes! I guess time is relative... if it takes you ONLY 5 minutes to get anywhere out here where I live (CA), you are probably just going to your mailbox!

I will keep Emeric and your family in my prayers!

Nicole said...

No, not across town, across the intersection!! LOL

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